“Country Culture”: The Undervalued Component of Implementing a Compliance Program

Integtree is proud to offer a free report outlining some of the central problems that corporations face in the implementation of compliance programs in different cultures.  Cultural barriers impede effective communication, and this miscommunication can be catastrophic for compliance programs. In this report you will find examples of program failures, information concerning key cultural dimensions, and illustrative examples of policy miscommuncations.

 As our regulatory environment becomes more stringent, and penalties associated with non-compliance balloon, companies with foreign workers need to be cognizant of these communication obstacles. The era of assuming sufficiency in the mere translation of program policies has ended, and corporations striving to limit their regulatory exposure will need to take a closer look at their overseas operations, and be proactive in their policy adaptations, if they wish to remain compliant and minimize exposure.

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“Country Culture”: The Undervalued Component of Implementing a Compliance Program




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