Risk Assessment Tool For Government Contractors

This complementary assessment is being offered by IntegTree to help government contractors identify compliance risks. All responses are entirely confidential and we adhere to high standards in privacy. We do not share emails or responses with any third party – only the respondent or people designated by the respondent.

Please respond on our 5 item scale range from 1 = “strongly disagree” to 5 =“strongly agree”. Please respond to the following ten (10) items.

1. I feel confident I fully understand my compliance obligations under the Federal Acquisition Regulations:


2. Government contracts are important to the success and growth of my company:


3. My company has a well laid out code of conduct or code of ethics in place:


4. My company’s core values are clearly understood by everyone in the organization:


5. We provide employees with periodic training on policies related to gift giving and entertainment in the context of government contracting:


6. My company’s employees clearly understand the rules and policies around anti-kickback issues:


7. I am confident that my company’s employees can identify and report on potential conflicts of interest:


8. We keep detailed records of documents and policies pertaining to government contracts:


9 .Our compliance procedures for submitting claims or receiving governmental receipts ensure all such claims are accurate:


10. We provide periodic ethics training to our employees to minimize the risk of fraud or wrongdoing:


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